Real. Moments. Matter.




Weddings are filled with emotion.

Behind the laughter, the outrageous dance moves and the legalities of it all, there is a deeper sense of commitment, of recognising your past, recounting the steps you took on your journey to get to the point you are at that very moment.

This is your life narrative, a story I try to tell through a mix of vision and sound.

The philosophy of what I do is to capture this emotion, and convey it in a way that can be relived over, and over again. 

The real looks, the honest laughs, the hand squeezes and the hugs that last forever. Nothing about the films I make is fake, every movement you see is a real one, a natural one. 

Behind all of these moments is your story. Throughout your wedding, parts of your story break through in these moments of intimacy, its these moments that I want to capture.

I want you to watch your wedding film and be filled with a nostalgic feeling of love, a feeling that strikes up the very emotions you felt on the day.

It's the real moments that matter, the ones you remember for what they are.

Solomon Scopazzi